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SipWithMe is proud to serve you premium beverages, featuring three distinct blends of gourmet coffee beans.

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How to Get Started

1. Register your account at

Use the email associated with your property management portal to begin.

2. Scan the QR code to start an order

When you're ready to order a beverage, scan the QR code that appears on the SipWithMe device to begin your order. No app required!

3. Craft your perfect cup.

Follow the on-screen instructions to brew your favorite roast, coffee strength and flavors.

4. Place your mug, and press dispense

Load SipWithMe credit to your account or use the credit sponsored by your building for an easy checkout. Once you've finalized your order, place your mug under the dispenser, and press Dispense. It's that easy!

SipWithMe feature beans from our local roaster partner

We carefully and remotely monitor every SipWithMe device to be sure each one is always stocked with fresh beans, and is consistently dispensing barista-quality beverages. Every beverage is roast-to-order and made to your specifications. You get to choose the roast, flavors, brew strength and more! SipWithMe offers the coffee shop experience, without the wait or the price tag!

Barista-Quality Hot Beverages in 60 Seconds

Choose from over 20 beverage types, and customize each beverage for your specific coffee blend, strength, and size.


Caffe Luna

Caffe Luna is a dark roast with robust aromas of bittersweet chocolate and dried fig, complimented by flavors of vanilla and maple.

Queen City

Queen City is a multi-layered medium-dark roast blend with aromas of toasted hazelnut, vanilla, and cocoa.

Caffe Del Sol

Caffe Del Sol is a light-medium roast with a rich and complex combo of milk chocolate, caramel, and dark cherry.

50/50 Roast

The perfect combination of two roasty toasty coffee blends.

Specialty Drinks

Mocha Coffee

Coffee and hot chocolate make up this sinfully delicious beavy.

Cafe Latte

A relaxed and easy blend of coffee and milk.


A shot of coffee + extra whipped milk (foam moustache optional).

Vanilla Mocha Coffee

Why choose? Coffe, french vanillia, and hot chocolate, all together.

Vanilla Coffee

Coffee blended with french vanilla for the perfect creamy blend.

Energy Shots

Energy Shot

The perfect boost: a shot of strong coffe with 4oz of water.

Long Espresso

Not for the faint of heart a (very) strong shot of coffee with a touch of hot water.

Hot Shot Blend

Double the blends in this strong shot of rich coffee.

Non-Coffee Drinks

French Vanilla

Delicious french vanilla drink, ooh la la! No coffee in this drink!

Hot Cocoa

Not your kid's hot chocolate (but also, kids love it).

Vanilla Cocoa

A luxurious treat creamy french vanilla and rich hot chocolate. No coffee in this drink!

Vanilla Cocoa Froth

The best of both: hot chocolate and french vanilla, topped with milk. No coffe in this drink!

Milk Chocolate

Dark and delicious hot chocolate, topped with milk. No coffe in this drink!

Hot Water

Hot water for tea.

*Always free & unlimited

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