You’re going to love SipWithMe.

Barista-quality hot beverages made from locally roasted coffee beans.

Enjoy the perks of unlimited beverages every morning!

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How to get started.

Register your account at

Use the email associated with your property management portal to begin.

Use the on-screen menu 
to get started.

When you're ready to order a beverage, use the touchscreen on the SipWithMe device to get started. No app required!

Craft your perfect cup.

Follow the on-screen instructions to brew your favorite roast, coffee strength, and flavors.

Place your mug and press

Once you've finalized your order, place your mug under the dispenser and press Dispense. It's that easy!

Have questions?

Get all your SipWithMe questions answered - whether they’re about the coffee, the device, the app, or other customer service inquiries!
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